The Four Responsibilities

Of The Learning Professional

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The Four Responsibilities

The learning professional has a responsibility to their client

As a learning professional I have a responsibility to my client to help them to achieve their goals for employee performance. Doing the best for my client will often mean suggesting a solution other than the one requested. Sometimes it will mean recommending something other than a learning intervention.

The learning professional has a responsibility to their learners

As a learning professional I have a responsibility to the learners who participate in any learning intervention that I conceive or facilitate. I want these learners to be inspired and grow in confidence. I want to help them achieve their own goals for personal development. I want to do them no harm, by boring them, overwhelming them, embarrassing them or peddling them untested remedies.

The learning professional has a responsibility to their peers

As a learning professional I have a responsibility to my fellow professionals to uphold the ethics and standards of my profession, and to do nothing that would damage our collective credibility. In the work that I carry out, I want to enhance the reputation of learning professionals as trusted consultants and skilled practitioners; as people who can be relied on to put the interests of their clients and their learners first.

The learning professional has a responsibility to themselves

Finally, as a learning professional, I have a responsibility to myself to make sure I am fully up-to-date with current best practice and evidence-based learning theory, that I am constantly reflecting upon and looking to improve my skills, and that I am conversant with the latest technologies that could enhance learning in terms of its effectiveness or efficiency.

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