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Written on 02 Feb 2018 by Marike de Ruiter

Written on 03 Jul 2017 by Serena
I'm impressed with the 4 Responsibilities website and what it stands for. I'm fully committed to this level of professionalism amongst my peers.
Written on 20 May 2017 by Dave Lee
i'm committed!
Written on 15 May 2017 by Elaine Tomlinson

Written on 19 Apr 2017 by Zlatka
Written on 12 Apr 2017 by Stephen Wadstein
A great course. Committed.
Written on 01 Apr 2017 by Mark Banks
Great reflection and eye-opener even after working many years in a professional L&D Position - staying tuned and open for continuous learning and changing yourself is THE precondition to stay professional.
Written on 24 Mar 2017 by Christian

Written on 09 Mar 2017 by Kat
This is a great prompt and reminder about how I *should* be carrying out my role. I will be using as a useful yardstick. Periodically reflecting on how well these criteria survive contact with the real world. (clue - I am not perfect, but will keep trying).
Written on 08 Mar 2017 by Ed Scruton

Written on 21 Feb 2017 by Indu
Living Your Learning is committed to keeping the Four Responsibilities at the heart of everything we do.
Written on 07 Feb 2017 by Craig McHugh
Committing to these responsibilities can only have a positive impact on learners, clients and professionals alike.
Written on 04 Feb 2017 by Greg Nottage
Great to see that I have been a good steward of these responsibilities over the last 20+ years.
Written on 29 Dec 2016 by Douglas Lucas
Commitment made 27/11/2016
Written on 27 Nov 2016 by Julian John
I wholeheartedly commit to this - a great reminder of our opportunities and responsibilities as learning professionals.
Written on 02 Nov 2016 by Rachel Griffith-Boyes

Written on 21 Oct 2016 by Mirjam Neelen
Enjoyed the session and liked the self-test. Sorry I missed the actual webinar but great to listen to afterwards and actually being able to do the self-test in my own time was probably better anyway. Found in one or two questions I would not choose any of the proposed answers. I liked the fact there is the book, slides, recording and questionnaire. I look forward to the next one. PS: I am a member of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development so yes - we do have a professional body in NZ.
Written on 06 Oct 2016 by Helen Coates
Recognition of Learning and Development outside the Education sector as a serious profession is long overdue
Written on 29 Sep 2016 by Annette Poro
Committing to the Four Responsibilities enforces my commitment to advance and enrich learning and development practices in my sphere of influence.
Written on 14 Sep 2016 by Corne Erasmus
A great summary of where our responsibilities should be. Its good to know others are on the same 'wave length'.
Written on 08 Aug 2016 by Karyn Murray
A great summary of where our responsibilities should be. Its good to know others are on the same 'wave length'.
Written on 08 Aug 2016 by Karyn Murray
Love this for learning professionals!
Written on 15 Jun 2016 by Elissa Mahendra
Great job summarizing our responsibilities as L&D professionals. The best days are ahead for our profession!
Written on 06 May 2016 by Mike Vickers
This is a great initiative! I completely agree with all the statements, but have also realised that I have a lot of work to do! I am very commited.
Written on 27 Apr 2016 by Nina Labitzke
As I step up to leading on L&D instead of being simply an elearning monkey, these are the behaviours I intend to live by.
Written on 18 Apr 2016 by Dan Roddy

Written on 29 Mar 2016 by Caitlin Annette Johnson
I am committed to the four responsibilities :-)
Written on 22 Mar 2016 by Simon Phipps

Written on 21 Mar 2016 by Esther Stiksma
I am committed to the Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional! The questionnaire helped to remind myself what I have forgot and what I am missing.
Written on 14 Mar 2016 by Janice Wu
Well done. I love it, the questionnaire, the case scenario. It helped me to understand where to improve. Thanks Clive and team !
Written on 11 Mar 2016 by Virginie Chasseriau

Written on 04 Mar 2016 by Jeroen Breman

Written on 04 Mar 2016 by James Igoe

Written on 03 Mar 2016 by Ben Cazin
I am committed to the Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional! Up until January 2014, I was an L&D and Digital Learning consultant in the Training Center of Leumi– one of Israel’s leading banking groups. I left Leumi to become an independent L&D consultant and Learning Strategist. I would especially like to focus on two things: 1. Strategic consulting for Learning &Training departments in corporate organizations: helping them evolve their training programs in order to go from a classroom and e-learning approach to a performance supported learning culture. 2. Help build a dialogue between new media and old media in learning environments from K12 to non-profits.
Written on 29 Feb 2016 by Sharon Gil
This is probably one of the simplest, but most effective, models for defining what being an L&D professional is that I have seen.
Written on 29 Feb 2016 by Nick Chammings
I am committed to the Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional!
Written on 28 Feb 2016 by Con Sotidis

Written on 26 Feb 2016 by Yannick Roy

Written on 25 Feb 2016 by Carolyn Gregoire
Excellent Initiative! Glad to support and to be a part of it.
Written on 18 Feb 2016 by Robert StJacques
This sums up my principles for work.
Written on 17 Feb 2016 by Norman Lamont
A real need of the hour. Very happy to be a part of this initiative.
Written on 17 Feb 2016 by shobana
Totally agree and I have also been on this soapbox for a while :-) The four rules are a very nice summary. Cheers, Paul
Written on 15 Feb 2016 by Paul Matthews

Written on 10 Feb 2016 by Conlan Webster
I'm new to the field, the Four Responsibilities align with how I intend to pursue my career as an Instructional Designer.
Written on 10 Feb 2016 by Tom Miller

Written on 10 Feb 2016 by Raymond Lee
This is a great initiative! Great principles to live by, I have shared this site with all my colleagues.
Written on 09 Feb 2016 by Arla Rowbotham
Can't wait for the online course.
Written on 09 Feb 2016 by Ryan Tracey
Words and responsibilities to live by...
Written on 09 Feb 2016 by Ben Betts
Great principles to live by for learning.
Written on 09 Feb 2016 by Phil Wylie
This is a nice way to approach the profession I am in and deliver service at the highest level to my clients.
Written on 08 Feb 2016 by Steven Hamilton
I completely agree with the four responsibilities and statements. I will live by them for my, clients , my learners and my peers. Commitment made 7 February 2016
Written on 07 Feb 2016 by David Snelders
I completely agree with the mentioned statements and will love by them. For my clients, my learners, my peers and myself.
Written on 06 Feb 2016 by Jeff Kortenbosch
Kudos for putting this together!
Written on 06 Feb 2016 by Michelle Spencer
Just in time. I was looking for a test for learn-professionals. Thank you.
Written on 05 Feb 2016 by Ite Smit
This creed immediately resonated with me and I shall be sharing it with my team. Well captured. Thank you.
Written on 05 Feb 2016 by Michelle Ockers
A great initiative - I will be sharing this widely. Thank you!
Written on 05 Feb 2016 by Julie Wedgwood
A really constructive initiative - thank you.
Written on 05 Feb 2016 by Martin Addison

Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Jen Perkins
This is just incredible! I truly believe that as professionals we have to be responsible to these four duties. It keeps us all accountable to the standards of our industry. Bravo!
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Will Constantine
I too have been pushing that we're not taking our responsibility seriously enough, so glad to cheer you on. Also have a look at the Serious eLearning Manifesto!
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Clark Quinn
Full support from Poland!:)
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Bartlomiej Polakowski
4 solid principles for any learning professional to aim to adhere to.
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Simon House
Good initiative. However, the devil is in the detail.
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Wilfred Rubens
By committing to these standards, and putting them into practice on a daily basis, I want to lead by example.
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Eugénie King
Great initiative guys. Loving your work (as usual). Hope all is well. James
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by James Snook
Valuable input on things we often forget when revenue targets seem to be the most important thing.
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Rob Alton
Good message; not new, though. I have been reading hearing about these my entire L&D career (since 1998). How many more times are we going to hear and read these same ideas? I wonder how many believe they are living these, but really don't know they look and feel like in real life.
Written on 04 Feb 2016 by Michael Hernandez
4 sound, sensible, solid responsibilities that match what I do identify what I want to keep on doing. THANK YOU!!
Written on 03 Feb 2016 by Stuart Sutherland
Wholeheartedly commit to this :)
Written on 03 Feb 2016 by Joanna Kori
I'm wholeheartedly committed to raising the bar for the learning and development community across the world. I'm hoping you will join us in showing your support.
Written on 03 Feb 2016 by Clive Shepherd
I commit to keeping the four responsibilities at the heart of my work with clients and in contributing to the wider L&D community.
Written on 02 Feb 2016 by Barry Sampson

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